About us

Hello Beautiful!

 Zaftig Boutique is an online store that was created to bring you the best in fashion, clothes, and accessories with the curvy woman in mind. Zaftig has collaborated with different partners who align with our mission.  We want you to look your best! Quality has been our hallmark and we are very careful in selecting our manufacturers & suppliers to ensure our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our products.

Curves do matter regardless of the size you wear.  We strive to hold the highest honor in plus size fashion, while closing the gap of size availability.  We embrace fashion risks, while taking them ourselves. We embrace all sizes, shapes, and personalities of women, therefore, encouraging women of every size to embody every inch of their curves. To wear what you want to wear, how you want to wear it, when you want to wear it, so that you can look and feel like the beautiful woman that you are!  

Every Women is beautiful in her own way, and deserve the right to be called, look and feel beautiful.  Your curves are a gift, so don't cover them with ugly prints, over-sized outfits, or grandma dresses to appease someone else's beauty standards. Change up your look, Dress to flatter, and never be afraid to take a fashion risk. No one can Measure your beauty like Yourself. It starts with you.  Love Yourself, every inch of you.